Say Hello to your new "Clean" e-mail service!

No more blocking perspective clients!

Our service delivers only valid e-mails with an option to receive others.

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Clean & Simple Interface

Easy navigation for all types of users!

Say Hello to the New E-mail scanning revolution service

Relax and let the Inspector do the work!

Our inspector does all the work by scanning all incoming
e-mails. He takes the guess work out of opening perspective infiltrating e-mails.

A new revolution of e-mail scanning has arrived

Experience our e-mail protection

Tired of e-mail scanning programs that don't work?

Missing important business e-mails? We have the solution!

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Solution for Your Business

E-mail protection for your business!  Tired of paying for services that aren’t performing.

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E-mail scanning with Low Cost

Our service will protect your users.  E-mail scanning for viruses, malware, trojan attachments.

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Deliver with Ease

A service that out performs the rest!  Tired of services that block perspective clients because spam filters are too tight?

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We take the guess work out of opening your emails.  Do they look suspicious?  Is there an attachment that might not be safe?  All of your emails are scanned on external servers for malware, trojans, phishing and scams; saving you time, money and protecting your PC from potentially unwanted viruses.


Using our system you can prevent 95% of viruses from infiltrating your network. The world of ever changing technology, security is a must for you and your business. Let Email Inspector Pro take the dangers away from checking your emails, and save your prospective business!


The cost of using this service will pay for itself. This really is VERY AFFORDABLE, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to call us for more information and pricing.

Save Money, Protect Users, Ease work load on IT Staff!  Call us today!