User Options

Email Inspector Pro has a user friendly interface with a vast amount of features and options, including reports, filter aggression and message handling.

Reporting Options

Reports include the number of messages received in each classification, the number of Message Volumemessages received from each country and the size of messages flagged as viruses. The reports that are generated can be helpful in setting optimum e-mail security settings and evaluating service effectiveness or simply to satisfy your curiosity. These reports can also be maximized to increase resolution and detail and can be printed.

Filtering Options

Email Inspector Pro allows the administrator or user to set how aggressive the filter settings are. The filters include Get Rich Quick, Gambling, Sexual, Pharmaceutical, and Advertisement where you can either allow all, lenient, no preference, aggressive, or block all. You can also block languages and countries e-mails are sent from. Stop the malware before it actually hits your computer.

Messaging Options

You can view messages in your own personal quarantine and from there decide whether you want to preview, deliver or forward the e-mails to a different e-mail. The messages stay in the quarantine for 30 days. The Quarantine Summary allows the user to set the frequency, time of day, day of week and style they would like their summary.

There are countless options for this program that can be set exactly how you would like it to be.